Welcome to Steven's Page.  Here you will find my work portfolio that include my resume, samples of my work, explanations my skills, goals and desires.

Click Here for my latest resume. This is in MS Word format.  My resume also comes in HTML format or ASCII.


Click on the hyperlinks below for explanations of what I have done with these talents and skills.

Computer Skills

Job Skills
Access 95- XP/ VBA HTML/ FrontPage/ DreamWeaver Project Management Process Documentation for ISO Certification
VB Excel 95-XP Access Developer Software Solutions Consulting
Photoshop 7.0 OS Process Streamlining  
Visio XP  Email & Internet Programs Metric/ Report Automation  


     Access -  Access is a versatile program that is great for data collection, data extraction from major ERP systems, and even a great front-end for metric tracking.  I feel that Access has been professionally underrated as a viable solution to company's needs. It comes with most Microsoft Office packages at no extra charge. Since it comes with the MS Office Suite it also has easy integration transitions between Excel and even Word.  This allows for easy automation. it also is easy to learn and maintain making it cost efficient.  It has helped me in numerous activities in work and even my personal environments.  I have used access to connect to Oracle, SAP, SQL Server, other Access databases and even to spread sheets and text files.  I use direct connects through ODBC and other DNS connections.  I also use VBA in developing tools in Access that go beyond the prebuilt tools and wizards in Access. 

     I have developed my own methodology to generate processes within Access.

     I have been developing in Access for the last five years.  I have had contact with it for even longer.  It is a great package.  I have developed naming conventions in it that make it easy for even other developers to understand my architecture.  Due to the sensitive nature and proprietary knowledge of systems that I have built and are still in use in other major companies I have had to use my imagination to create work samples of my data.  I collect Harry Potter trading cards.  In this series of cards there is enough information to build a small database that can successfully illustrate many of the things that I can do in Access.  Download this database for your viewing pleasure.



     Visual Basic - A simple language that I really like.  It is versitile and works with most of the MS Office packages.  I would classify myself as an intermediate user.  I use VB mostly in connection with Access.  I have wrote several programs for school projects but there are several that I have written for fun or for personal use.

You may download these samples that I have created.  They show the needed functions that one would expect in any VB bases program.

Loan Analyzer - This was a school project that I modified to meet my needs.  Of course it is more than what was required for the class... which goes to show that I like to get the most out of my work for the best results.  Download here.

Converter - This program was entirely by myself to assist my wife in conversions for her interior design classes that she was taking. It is a simple program but illustrated various VB skills that can have other applications based on the methodology here. Download here.



     Photoshop 7.0 - Photoshop has got to be the greatest photo editing program out there.  It has so many possibilities that one can't help but fall in love with.

     As you probably already have guessed this website was created entirely by Photoshop and ImageReady.  I know how to adjust levels, color adjustment, layers, animation, transforming, masks, painting selecting, highlighting, various effects, lighting, gradients, layers, text layout, paths, shapes, droplets, optimizing, heal tool, clone tool..... well you get the point I love this program and it is huge! 

There are no samples to download from this section because the entire website is done with these tools.